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  • Lesson 1.0 (Intro to Neural Networks AI)
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  • Intro to Neural Networks AI

    My son recently completed a course in computer science at University. He told me now he thinks of the each situation in life as "If - Then" conditional statements.

    In other words: "If I get up early, then I make it to school on time" or "If I do my homework before the deadline, then I get a completed grade". The series goes on and on.

    Neural Networks have been around for a long time. In fact they are really just econometrics at work which well predeates most computing. The change has now been in neural network calculations, but rather in how many "if-thens" a computer can calculate with a standard machine. Advances in processing power and memory now allow for a similar number or layer of numbers of calculations to occur as occur in the human brain. No computers are not getting smarter, they only are increasing their ability to have as many layers as a brain. Take a test for yourself. Is there any situation in your life that is not reduced to a series of if - then logic?

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